Amira Bags

Maria Cristina Gasche, born and raised in Rome, after a BA in Political Sciences and an experience in the communication sector, decided at the beginning of 2013 to follow her passion for aesthetic creativity: Amira Bags is the result. The brand’s name was not chosen by chance. “Amira”, أميرة in Arabic, means “princess” and it is the fourth name of Maria Cristina, a name she has always felt hers.

Many of Amira Bags’ photographs are the fruit of the collaboration with Uberto Gasche, her father. He is an eclectic photographer who lives in Rome in Villa Savoia where, when he’s not taking photographs, he breeds English and Napoletan mastiffs.

“The idea of my bags was born in Spring 2013 when, almost as a joke, I grabbed cardboard and scissors and started shaping my desires. I wanted to create the simple and elegant bag my friends and I had always been looking for. It is precisely thanks to their suggestions and to the encounter with an incredible Italian artisan that I managed to develop a line of bags which are both classic and chic”.

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